photo_glassbuildingToday it is accepted as fact that the quality of a facility makes an important statement about a Company’s business. And, the surrounding area, ease of access to and from a building and the style of an office layout, can all affect the performance of employees. Businesses, while trying to maximize performance, must decide if their current location is the ideal one. No one wants to move because relocation to a new facility is a complex undertaking, which involves a multitude of considerations, each of which is critical before signing a lease that can last five or more years.  But sometimes it becomes necessary when the current facility can not provide what a company needs or the current landlord refuses the effect of the market during a renewal or expansion, thinking “you will not move.”

In today’s real estate market, traditional formulas used to lease or purchase an office, warehouse or store are changing. As the market changes, Tenants need to become more sophisticated about the process.  Anderson Bell consults with advice and partnership in the process of making good decisions about commercial real estate.  Why not give us a call for a no obligation discussion of your lease or property.