Tenant Representation

photo_tenantrepmeetingEvery 3 to 5 years of signing a lease Tenants have to make a decision; renew or relocate. And knowledge of the market normally changes significantly during that timeframe. As a Tenant Representative, Anderson Bell brings years of experience to bear in the Tenant’s interest. Before a wise decision can be made a pertinent market analysis of the Tenant’s preferred locations is clearly presented with detailed financial and FLRPLNfacilities data. Comprehensive presentations categorize all of the variables in office projects; all the pertinent economic data from the construction allowances to detailed escalation provisions; and a comparative summary that helps the Tenant evaluate which project best addresses his specific needs. All of this adds up to giving the Tenant a total picture for making an informed, strategic decision. Now, with Anderson Bell, a Tenant can quantify pertinent facts necessary to know whether renewing or moving is best for their company.